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I shoot local sports photography (and other) in the Southern California area. While specializing in capturing your athletes in "ACTION," I create high quality prints, and provide the highest level of customer support. Team and individual photos encase precious memories, but my goal is to capture athletes in their finest moments, whether it be hitting a home run, scoring a touchdown, or breaking a record. While I am currently, best known for shooting Southern California Sports, I am not limited to sports; I shoot portraits, weddings, special events, etc., as well. The entire game, and, or event is covered. With sports, I do tend to follow the ball (or other) to get the most out of an event; with other occasions, candid's, portraits, and main events are captured. If for any reason you require a photograph of yourself or a person in your charge removing from this website then please contact me as soon as possible. I will remove any photo on request, as soon as possible (within 48hrs). Please note that you may be asked for suitable evidence to prove your identity.

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Howzit Jordan!
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Beautiful pictures!!!!
Breathtaking, thank you!
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Thanks for the awesome pics!
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Awesome pics...id like to have the one of me that you took!!! What would it take for me to have it?
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